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Welcome to my digital home — a lovingly built sanctuary of purpose and play, adventure and contemplation, wisdom and whimsy.

Here, I share what I know, obsess on the details of life and discuss all the things about which I have zero clue. I don’t fit a niche. I’m not one to follow a linear path. If you’re cool with that, I’d love for you to stick around.

You’ll find bits about being present in the world, pursuing goals, following dreams, feeling pleasure and getting passionate; about travel, entrepreneurship, social issues, spirituality and creativity; and, most likely, about a shit-ton of other stuff as the mood strikes me.

You won’t find much anymore, though, about the work I do with my clients. It’s personal, extraordinarily rewarding and not at all what I want to be exploring with my writing. If there’s something you’re curious about, you’ll get a basic idea of what I do by going here, and please feel free to reach out and simply ask me. I’m always up for opportunities to collaborate!


If there’s one thing I want you to take away from any time you spend With Emily, it’s this: Inspiration.

I want you to feel compelled to leap into the details of your own life, strengthen your sense of purpose and expand your capacity to play — what that looks like should be entire up to you.

Some resources.

For you to get a feeling for the whole “purpose and play” approach to life I’m talking about, poke around the archives and see what resonates with you. Below are some great places to start your exploration.

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What makes me tick?

EmilyLewisAt heart, I’m an intuitive strategist, a multi-media artist, a storyteller, a teacher and an observer of human nature. I’m also an inquisitive introvert, a committed explorer, a reverent agnostic and a spontaneous romantic. I’m liberal and honest, which means I call bullshit when I see it. Oh, and I curse, with pleasure.

I love trees and tigers, and believe both should be kept around. I also love dark chocolate and banana pancakes but have no problem making those disappear.

I adore children, I’m a kick-ass aunt and I have no plans for any kids of my own.

I believe in grabbing a passport and exploring the world. And I encourage others to do the same; you’ll find Travel Guides to select cities, detailing what I love about each, amidst everything else.

Perhaps that’s why I’ve called seven different countries “home” and, most recently, chucked everything to become an expat again after 20 years of SoCal living.

At the beginning of 2016, I began creating a new life in Paris. It’s an incremental journey, full of luscious details, without a roadmap or particular destination. It’s the subject most often top-of-mind at the moment.

I hope you choose to join me in the adventure of exploring and noting the details of this little thing called life. I’m honored by your presence.

with pleasure,

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