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The best of life is caught in the details.

Your story needs to be told. I help people tell their stories. And here, in this digital sanctuary in which you’ve landed, I share what I know, obsess on the details of creating a meaningful life as an expat in Paris, and discuss a wide variety of topics. If they resonate with you, reflect bits of your own journey or otherwise bring you greater insights and inspiration, stick around. You are most welcome!


I want you to feel supported and better equipped to leap into the details of your life, strengthen your sense of purpose and expand your capacity to play, in a sustaining and impactful way.

Some resources.

For you to get a feeling for the whole “purpose and play” approach to life and business that I’m talking about, poke around the archives and see what resonates with you. Below are some great places to start your exploration.

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With Emily Blog

What makes me tick?

EmilyLewisAt heart, I’m an intuitive strategist, a multi-media artist, a storyteller, a teacher and an observer of human nature. I’m also an inquisitive introvert, a committed explorer, a reverent agnostic and a spontaneous romantic. I’m liberal and honest, which means I call bullshit when I see it. Oh, and I curse, with pleasure.

I love trees and tigers, and believe both should be kept around. I also love dark chocolate and banana pancakes but have no problem making those disappear.

I adore children, I’m a kick-ass aunt and I have no plans for any kids of my own.

I believe in grabbing a passport and exploring the world. I’ve called seven different countries “home,” and highly recommend chucking everything to become an expat at least once in your life. I’ve done it a few times.

In fact, I’m currently in the midst of one of those adventure-filled rebuilds. In September 2015, I shed a long-standing identity in Hollywood, and the entertainment business, to create a new chapter in Europe. In January 2016, I chose to nest in Paris or, more accurately, the city chose me, and you’ll find she colors and flavors the world as I currently perceive it. Like the best creative endeavors, this is an incremental journey, full of luscious adventures — both petit and grand. I’m glad you’ve hopped on board for the ride.

And I do hope you stay a while. Together, let’s explore life, love, purpose and play, noting the details along the way. They make the best stories!


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