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We all tell lies. Mostly by omission. And on social media it seems we tell them with the most ease. Facebook streams show off baby animals and our latest shoe purchases, our favorite ranting editorials and serio-comic videos, but reveal nothing about the results of our latest lab work or even the appointment for a… Keep Reading

It’s funny, to look back on the things we want. How many desperately desired dolls and toys and clothes and electronics clutter landfills around the world? The sincerity of our cravings need not be doubted, but time has a way of changing the things for which we yearn. It changes us. I recently glanced back… Keep Reading

Self-love. Such a noble cause, right? Super trendy, for sure. We beseech people to follow their hearts. Multi-million dollar industries have been built on this concept — the pursuit of a perfect combination of self-confidence, active intuition, humility, kindness, honesty and pampering. The achievement of self-love has morphed from concept to ideal. At its root… Keep Reading

It is nearly impossible to talk of Paris without addressing food. There’s an entire language dedicated to the discussion of cheese. Arguments can break out over the best bread to serve with fois gras, and how fresh the fois gras should be. Strong opinions are held about which house produces the best macaroon, best fraisier… Keep Reading

A new year. A new beginning. A blank slate. I’m not sure it’s possible to begin again. I think, instead, we live in a spiral trajectory — circling but never quite touching the familiar place we were. From the moment we’re born, we collect data impressions which color and shape everything that comes after. Like… Keep Reading