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Books For My Shelf And Yours

Creating the life of purpose and play isn’t about going it alone, slashing through virgin forests without compass or water bottle. Even if you think what you’re trying to accomplish has never been done before.

For one thing, it’s bad for the environment. And, you’re liable to get really damn thirsty.

For another, there’s a backlog of a few thousand years of human innovation, ideas building on ideas, beliefs building on beliefs, new thoughts sparked by old ones.

Nothing — and I truly mean no thing, idea, action — comes from a vacuum.

That truth can be terrifying. Because what that means is you have no reason not to ask for help and guidance.

Confession time: I don’t know about you, but I can find that entirely annoying — the fact that help is out there, and it’s my own damn stubbornness and fear that’s keeping me from leveraging it.

This isn’t about finding someone to do all the hustle for you. It’s about seeking out wisdom, support and inspiration.

This isn’t about shelling out your life savings for that wisdom, support and inspiration, either. It’s about creating a bank of resources that you can turn to, time and again, when you need it.

I boldly hope that this space is one of those resources in that bank of yours. And I want to give you a glimpse of some of the elements in my own bank. Specifically, BOOKS.

And, trust me, I do realize the irony of promoting books when I just advised against hacking down virgin forests, but at least most of the below authors go with publishers who use recycled paper. And you can always embrace digital downloads!

Great Books For Your Shelf

   Brene Brown is a fierce firecracker. She zeroes in on vulnerability, which is a critical ingredient for effective change.

Julia Cameron’s book isn’t new but the message it contains, that every individual is creative in their own way, is a belief I both practice and preach. Also, I highly recommend the benefits of Morning Pages.
product1-full-1I’ve been drawing inspiration from Danielle LaPorte since the Fire Starter Session download days. “The Desire Map” is a refinement and evolution of all her previous work in a beautifully actionable DIY package, which is why it is the one I choose to spotlight.
Seth Godin is a prolific writer and brilliant marketer. This book started a revolution, and succinctly combines common sense, resonant “ah-ha” wisdom and “wish-I’d-thought-of-that” insights. Whether you’re creating a business, working in a corporate structure or simply part of the consumer ecosystem that is our modern world, you should pay attention to what he has to say.
Twyla Tharp’s call to action is a fantastic resource for any creative doer who needs to be reminded both that the creative process isn’t all cupcakes and roses and that the journey is worth all the sweat and tears.
Elizabeth Gilbert is always brilliant, inspiring and insightful in her essays, novels and non-fiction. This book has a refreshing groundedness to it that celebrates how much we stumble as we bumble along this magical mystery tour of life.


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