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Happy people with kind words…

MandyUnruhI struggled with wanting to give up on my business and I basically had no business before working With Emily. Now, I’m selling my product every week, I’ve raised my prices and I have more clients than ever.

Working together gave me accountability; I’m investing in myself and my business, and there’s nothing more important than that. I cannot thank you enough for all you’ve done!”

Mandy Unruh | Doula, Creative Baker & Personal Chef | Mama Mandy


JodiWomack“I’m pretty social media savvy but I learned new ways to create messages, tips and strategies. I’d recommend working With Emily for anyone who wants to build a plan.”

Jodi Womack | Coach, Author & Speaker | Get Momentum

MarianaBandarra“Damn, you have a knack for posing juicy questions, woman!

I’d been facing the challenge of branding my new business and I was afraid of not being understood, of being too much. Working With Emily helped me clarify a path in which I don’t need to cut off the past and instead can use that experience to transition elegantly into a broader, more honest and holistic brand experience for my audience.

I felt a certain sense of telepathy in working With Emily. We really connected and I felt safe and understood. And the Workbook was an incredibly helpful tool! It put me in the right frame of mind and it was so ridiculously spot on that it made me blush at times.

As a result of working With Emily, I’ve experienced a profound sense of CLARITY — the power of someone connecting to your essence and reinforcing what is really important is amazing! Now, I can concentrate my efforts in doing work instead of wasting so much time and energy with self-doubt and hesitation.

I absolutely recommend Emily to other women who need support in finding their core differentiators and clarifying their vision of themselves.”

Mariana Bandarra | Women’s Empowerment Activist & Performance Artist

SophiaVenable“I was feeling overwhelmed with social media, not knowing even what to ask someone to help me with. Working With Emily, I gained clarity, not only with social media specifically but also around my purpose and message. And I loved that the support continued past the sessions, with email and follow-up.

After working With Emily, there’s less stress, time and energy in my social media world and I have more time for other things — like writing! I’d definitely recommend With Emily for general business coaching as well as all that social media stuff we do.”

Sophie Venable | Writer & Divorce Expert | Make Your Life Fabulous

“I really valued Emily’s warmth, enthusiasm and intelligence. She was able to quickly identify the things that were holding me back, offering amazing insights and change practices that have continued to help me. I would wholeheartedly recommend working With Emily.”

Sarah S. | Writer

KaseyMalm“Before working With Emily, I was so caught up in my own head, filled with doubts and tearing down every good idea I had. It was really wonderful to have Emily listen to my goals and help me build them up realistically – giving me back hope and motivation and confidence – to really roll up my sleeves and make them happen.

Emily’s fun, straight-forward and jam-packed with insights and good ideas. Working With Emily helped me transform my goals from chore-like ‘to-do’s’ into natural outcomes for living my life the way I want to live it. She gave me the reassurance that my dream is possible so, not only has my ‘to-do’ list shrunk, I also feel better about pursuing my main goals and desires and I’m more actively thinking how separate areas of my life can interconnect to help support each other rather than compete against each other and make my brain want to explode. I feel WAY less overwhelmed and much more focused on where I want to go as well as more mindful about how I want to live.

With Emily, I was able to clearly articulate my ideal brand, and that gives me heaps of confidence to get out there and just start doing it! And I now have an action plan on how to progress in my business.

I’d recommend that any creatives and artists work With Emily!

Kasey Marie Malm | Illustrator & Artist | Kasey Marie


SarahBarrett“Emily has a way of getting to the heart of what is keeping you stuck and helping release it so you can become your best self!”

Sarah Barrett | School Fundraising Consultant

EmilyBonomo“Working With Emily got me believing in myself, clarifying what I want and gaining the confidence to say it and get it. When you care about or want something so much, it’s sometimes hard to be objective and do what’s necessary; Emily is wonderful at getting to the root of things, providing fresh and powerful insights, and motivating you to actually do what you say you’re going to do.

I’d encourage anyone who is struggling to find direction in their life and career to work With Emily.

Emily Bonomo | Custom Sweets Caterer

AlexiaAnastassioI was overwhelmed with the pressures I put on myself and my big goals. Working With Emily got me over the obstacles that were holding me back from taking action.

Working through Emily’s Touchstone Workbook helped me get out the real feelings even before our first full session. And I loved how Emily listened to me, was in the moment and was super in tune with where to guide me in order for me to get out of my own fear. She got down to exactly what I needed, to feel like myself again and get back to business. She addressed the change and growth in my life and my feelings in such a heartfelt caring way, and I was surprised and delighted by how much more organized and empowered I am as a result.

Working together, I achieved a massive shift forward. And I’d recommend Emily to others who feel overwhelmed by a big project or change in their life, especially if they’re the type to put pressure on themselves. I super appreciate my time With Emily!”

Alexia Anastasio | Filmmaker & Dream Funding Coach | AlexiaAnastasio.com

kimwynn“Having clarity of purpose has never been my strong suit. Working With Emily, I was able to identify my passion and, in turn, authentically share my passion with others. She inspires creativity, has the ability to laser focus on the things that truly matter and, hands down, is a master at unleashing self-expression, productivity and clarity.

Working With Emily took me to a new level of personal and professional success and fulfillment.

Kim Wynn | Youth Engagement & Business Consultant | Kim Wynn Consulting

AmandaNazzalEmily provided me with huge clarity on the question ‘What DO I want?’ Thank you times a million!”

Amanda Nazzal | Pinup & Boudoir Photographer | Light & Soul Photography

NikiSavage“I’d recommend Emily to anyone who wants to actually change their life. It’s difficult to carry out your life plan, to create worthy work and to cultivate genuine, loving relationships; lighting the way is Emily’s gift. She listens with her whole heart, helps you dig deep and tugs the exact threads needed to untangle any chaos. She’s helped me express myself more clearly, gain confidence and access a higher peace and the ability to make choices that lead to what I truly want and deserve.

Niki Savage | Creative Executive | Entertainment Industry

JenCastle“Emily is a guiding light and leader. It’s easy to get lost within this ever-changing and highly competitive business world. Her approach is key. She forms questions that you perhaps hadn’t thought of, nurtures seeds you never knew were planted. She’s well-versed in branding, marketing, blogging and social networking. She consistently encourages you to find your own voice, logic and ideals. She produces results for me – for my business and my career – and I always come away full of motivation.”

Jennifer Castle | Wedding & Portrait Photographer | Jen Castle Photography


NinaGrenningloh“If I were a doctor, I would prescribe one-on-one time With Emily. It works way better than any happy pill.”

Nina Grenningloh | Brand Strategist | CommunicationsRebel.com

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