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The Living List Project

The Living List

Welcome to the Living List Project, a simple and fun exercise to identify your aspirations and acknowledge your accomplishments. Here’s all you have to do…

First, make a list of all your aspirations – your hopes, goals and dreams – whatever comes to mind, no matter how big or small, no matter the cost or feasibility. This is fantasy time!

Now, try it again and include those aspirations you nixed in the first go-around because that damn bouncer in your head decided they were too silly, impractical or unattainable to belong.

Et voila! You have your personal Living List.

The List will grow and transform as you do. And every time you achieve something on it (like skydiving, so fun…until the parachute opens!) share your celebratory news below. You deserve the recognition for transforming aspiration into reality, you inspire others to do the same and I’m right there with you in this adventure!

Here, below, you can check out my own ever-transforming Living List:

  • Take a hip hop class.
  • Visit the ocean every weekend for a month.
  • Go apple picking.
  • Learn Italian and live in Italy for a year.
  • Visit Bhutan.
  • Visit India.
  • Swim with dolphins.
  • Skydive.
  • Bungey jump.
  • Take a hot air balloon ride.
  • Learn to swing from a flying trapeze.
  • Do a back bend from a standing position.
  • Become debt-free.
  • Go on a safari.
  • Visit the mountain gorillas in Rwanda.
  • Attend a gallery exhibition of my art photographs.
  • Learn SCUBA and dive at Great Barrier Reef.
  • Learn to read Arabic.
  • Learn how to surf.
  • Take a leap on a trampoline.
  • Visit Yosemite.
  • Stomp grapes at a winery.
  • Drive a race car.
  • Treat my family to a surprise, all-expenses-paid vacation.
  • Ride a zip line through the top canopy of a rain forest.
  • Visit Petra, Jordan.
  • Take a bicycle tour of Holland.
  • Participate in a beach clean up.
  • Organize an annual girlfriends’ weekend retreat.
  • Take a gondola ride in Venice, Italy.
  • Purchase a Mona Kuhn photograph.
  • Learn how to change a tire.
  • Acquire a Movado museum watch.
  • Create limited edition partnerships w/ select jewelry, stationery, home décor and lifestyle brands.
  • Fly a kite.
  • Create a retreat for members of the w/e. community.
  • Have a song written for and about me.
  • Ride an elephant and a camel.
  • Take a self-defense class.
  • Skinny dip in the ocean.
  • Meet the Dalai Lama.
  • Do a boudoir photo session.
  • Take a road trip with my niece and nephew.
  • See the Northern Lights, the Southern Lights, penguins and polar bears.
  • Watch the sun rise and set every day for a week.
  • Finish the scrapbook of my trip to China.
  • Witness a meteor shower.
  • Spend a week on the beaches of Thailand.
  • Go inner tube sledding.
  • Go to a costume ball, in costume.
  • Attend Paris Fashion Week.
  • Gallop a horse along the beach.
  • Hold a quarterly dinner party / game night for a full year.
  • Visit Kam, Tibet.
  • Go to a Bjork concert in Iceland.
  • Finish reading Casanova’s autobiography.
  • Relearn how to hula hoop.
  • See the stars from the Sahara.
  • Dance naked in the rain.
  • See pink dolphins while traveling down the Amazon River.
  • Volunteer at a Nepalese shelter for child prostitutes.
  • Visit the thermal heat vents.
  • Learn to water ski.
  • Swim in a lake.
  • Achieve duel citizenship.
  • Sleep in a castle.
  • Spend an entire summer staying in a cottage at the beach.
  • Have a photo of mine published in National Geographic Magazine.
  • Work with Brene Brown, Susannah Conway, Michele Obama.
  • Attend Wimbledon and snack on strawberries with clotted cream.
  • Publish a coffee table book about coffee.
  • Attend a “So You Think You Can Dance” and a “Voice” taping.
  • Wear a bikini, regularly and proudly, for a whole summer.
  • Create a lucrative, fulfilling passive income stream.
  • Make the traditional family Christmas breakfast for my own family.
  • Take a helicopter ride.
  • Take a glass blowing class.
  • Have an article published in Sun magazine.
  • Give a TED talk.
  • Produce my Street Treasures project.
  • Paint a canvas series.
  • Give away a million dollars.
  • Write for film and television, and get my work produced.
  • Join the Screen Actors Guild.
  • Fall truly, madly, deeply in love with a man with whom I grow old.
  • Purchase land.
  • Achieve independence from diabetes medication.
  • Publish a work of fiction.
  • See my art hung on the walls of the Guggenheim.
  • Serve as an artist-in-residence at the Rome Academy.

So, tell me, what’s on your List?


Emily Lewis

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