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Shall we play?

Everything you touch, you change. Everything you change, changes you.
-Octavia Butler

As I mentioned here, there is no one way for us to work together; I don’t fit a niche and I’m guessing you don’t either. At its core, working With Emily is about communication across various media — telling stories, in detail, through words, images, emotions and ideas, to better align purpose with play.

Below are the ways we can collaborate, if you want to play with purpose. And if you don’t see exactly what makes your heart beat faster, don’t be shy to suggest a new way for us to join forces. Contact me directly for more information.

Art work.

Limited edition fine print photography and illustrations. For individual sale as well as gallery / exhibition opportunities. To get an idea, check out my Instagram feed.

Digital strategy.

Social media and digital communications and content strategy, working with both large enterprise clients and small business owners/entrepreneurs in the U.S. and Europe.

Global coaching.

Individualized coaching, working toward both experiential and business goals for holistic alignment with practical as well as soul-centered lifestyle needs.

Online courses.

Thematic digital classes created for self-paced personal reflection.

Retreats and workshops.

In-person, guided, group experiences, held around the globe in conjunction with like-minded colleagues, frequently involving creative action and soulful discovery.

Speaking engagements.

In-person, video and podcast keynotes, interviews and panel-discussion participation.

Interested in exploring these collaboration opportunities?
Go here to request more details + pricing.