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Self-love. Such a noble cause, right? Super trendy, for sure. We beseech people to follow their hearts. Multi-million dollar industries have been built on this concept -- the pursuit of a perfect combination of self-confidence, active intuition, humility, kindness, honesty and pampering. The achievement of self-love has morphed from concept to ideal. At its root… Keep Reading

It is nearly impossible to talk of Paris without addressing food. There's an entire language dedicated to the discussion of cheese. Arguments can break out over the best bread to serve with fois gras, and how fresh the fois gras should be. Strong opinions are held about which house produces the best macaroon, best fraisier… Keep Reading

A new year. A new beginning. A blank slate. I'm not sure it's possible to begin again. I think, instead, we live in a spiral trajectory -- circling but never quite touching the familiar place we were. From the moment we're born, we collect data impressions which color and shape everything that comes after. Like… Keep Reading

Creating the life of purpose and play isn't about going it alone, slashing through virgin forests without compass or water bottle. Even if you think what you're trying to accomplish has never been done before. For one thing, it's bad for the environment. And, you're liable to get really damn thirsty. For another, there's a… Keep Reading

Check out the following scenarios and tell me if any of them resonate alarmingly well with you: You only make phone calls from the car. Your meal often grows cold while you're finishing a text or email. You status-update and read news headlines while binge watching TV series. You buy your favorite Anthropologie blouse while… Keep Reading