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Some changes are like slow boat leaks. You don't realize anything is happening until you look up one day to realize you're drowning in unrecognizable waters. Other changes have the force of a tsunami and lack any warning. Even if you were looking for them, you wouldn't see them coming. And, really, who spends their… Keep Reading


I've found that life delights in surprising us. Sometimes, the surprise comes like a slap upside the head from left field that has us smarting and seeing spots for days. Other times, however, the surprise arrives like sparkling snowflakes that melt into mouth-watering macarons. Or perhaps, I've been so severely seduced by Paris that I… Keep Reading


I could prettify the language, but that just belabors the point. Whether it's creating a new business or product that you know will rock the world, or finally finishing -- or starting -- the draft of that story that's been rattling around in your head, or asking out the green-eyed soul with whom you've been… Keep Reading


World Domination makes me think of wars and violence and destructive control. And yet, the World Domination Summit is one of my favorite events of the year. Why? Because WDS is about being bold and what could possibly be bolder, and more outrageous, than attempting World Domination. That, at least, was the thinking behind instigator… Keep Reading

Being present is key to knowing what the hell you want. It's also key to feeling joy. And one of the simplest ways I've found to be present is to call out the details of your world. When you are able to notice the little things in life, you invite joy into it. [Tweet "When… Keep Reading