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With Emily Lewis
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Get out of your head and into your purpose.

Welcome! I’m here to help you nurture pleasure and develop clarity in your business and life so you can identify, pursue and achieve the purpose that fuels your soul.

Do you recognize yourself?

You are creative, crazy-smart and independent-minded.

You want to create a life that matters, build something that makes the world a better place and be free of the constraints of conformity and status quo.

You want to wake up every morning with anticipation and gratitude for the opportunity to spend one more day doing what most impassions, sustains and inspires you.

You want to give your true voice a megaphone, silence the cacophony of overwhelm that weighs you down and dance through life, shooting sparks from your fingertips.

And, let’s not forget, you want plenty of time and resources to take those fabulous trips to Cinque Terre and the beaches of Bali, too!

Well, life has an open door policy. It doesn’t judge, censor or restrict any action. It’s just out there, with all it has to offer, waiting for your move. What are you waiting for?

“Don’t allow your mind to tell your heart what to do. The mind gives up easily.” – Paulo Coelho

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With Emily Blog

Here, you’ll discover how pleasure and clarity are the building blocks of a purpose-fueled life and career.

And whether it’s taking your business up a notch (or ten), figuring out what the hell you want to do next with your skills or untangling from a life or career path that no longer works for you, I’m right here with you.

Together w/e. create pleasure, clarity and purpose for a life well played.

AlexiaAnastasioI was overwhelmed with the pressures I put on myself and my big goals. Working with Emily got me over the obstacles that were holding me back from taking action.

I loved how Emily got down to exactly what I needed, to feel like myself again and get back to business. She addressed the change and growth in my life and my feelings in such a heartfelt caring way.

Working together, I achieved a massive shift forward. And I’d recommend Emily to others who feel overwhelmed by a big project or change in their life.”

Alexia Anastasio | Filmmaker & Dream Funding Coach | AlexiaAnastasio.com